After the rain

The sun is out after typhoon Pedring and it gave me the opportunity

to go around take some snaps of kids playing beside the bay…

Not the usual playground but the place and their experience can put up a smile on their faces – nothing too special like fun slides and swimming pool but they are simply just happy…

These pile of rocks serve as the viewing deck of these kids near the seashore….

and these innocent faces smiled at me when I asked to take photographs of them…



When you are young you just thought life is just good…

When you have grown – you become treat life seriously…

When you grow old – you continue to struggle to survive.

[Three photos taken at the Libertad Market on separate dates and have been chosen by the author to fit this photo story]


Right on the frying pan…Fish balls!

John Claro is earning a living out of selling fish balls on his mobile cart.  He can travel and transfer locations depending on the hours that his goods are sought.  I have a chance to munch on his newly fried fish balls at the Provincial Capitol Lagoon.  John told me he his earning at least P700-P800/day and could get him to secure food for his family, a rolling captial for the following day and pay his motorcycle.

After staying for an hour at the park – John will go to the West Negros University just in time for the dismissal of classes.

Please take note: You will love to eat this when it is hot! Enjoy!

People on the sidewalks of life

They are those we see on the streets of Bacolod City –  A cigarette vendor and a barker for jeepneys…

They just earn a little on what they could sell and do…

But they know how to enjoy their meager earnings…

And most of all – They know how to smile…

A vivid portrait of life at the edge of the sea

It is a sad fact that Government continues to promise the people of poverty alleviation and a good life while most of the population languish below the poverty level.  Landless, jobless and cannot access health services.

Owen Segovia Bayog PhotoFamilies down here tries to make both ends meet – dependent on what the sea could offer… Everyday is always a struggle to survive…

Owen Segovia Bayog Photo

Owen Segovia Bayog Photo

A man’s trash might be another man’s treasure.

Owen Bayog Photo

Libertad Market – Rolando Advincula who 70 years old says he had been at the market for more than 20 years and he has made a living out of segregating wastes coming from various stalls at Libertad.  He separates onions from the entire dump, get these washed and re-sell it at the market later on the day.

Owen Bayog Photo

“I have been doing this since then, but I make sure that I select what could be salvaged as I also prepare this for our daily consumption”.

Owen Bayog Photo

Rolando might be doing the dirty job – but for him it is the cleanest way to earn a living out of the trash of other people.#osb

Welcome to my newest blog Site!

Adding up to my web chores, here’s another blog which will contain my work and daily lives of people I meet on the streets.  Again, welcome!

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