A Sunday afternoon at the Plaza

10 Images that gives you a glimpse of life at the Bacolod Public Plaza…

Faded Glory – one of the fountain areas at the Plaza which used to be the attraction of the place since then.

I could still recall having a photo at this spot when I was a kid.

A CONFLICTING SIGN – While it is said by the first sign that people should avoid washing their feet and and plates at the drinking fountain – the attached sign says otherwise.

Photography and the technological advances of the times also limit the chances of Plaza Photographers to earn a living at the Plaza nowadays.

Erning Sajo has been photographing people at the Plaza since the 80’s – during the advent of the Digital Era his income turned low due to the increase of digital camera ownership – but he is still hopeful that his client would pass by the Plaza and have their photos taken by him.

Under the shade of this old tree are checker players that spend their time at the park playing.

The light that passes through the leaves of the tree illuminates the playing board for the players.

And who would have thought that there is a one month old baby named Joemarie at this makeshift crib.

Lucky Joemarie lives with his mother at the Plaza by the day and sleeps in front of Amar Emporium at night time.

[The complied images were taken November 6, 2011 in a Photowalk of  myshutterlife]

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  1. This is indeed a real life caught in Owen’s lens. And by looking at his pictures at a glance, there’s a lot of words to describe them. “A picture speaks a thousand word” so to speak. Congratz Owen. I know you’re gifted. Keep it up!


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