Manny Pacquiao gets away with a win!

The people of Bacolod City took time off to watch and cheer on the country’s boxing pride Manny Pacquaio at the Bacolod BAYS Center earlier today.

City Officials came to watch and cheer on Bacolod’s adopted son.

Vendors get extra income with an event that gathered thousands in attendance.

The first five rounds made the crowd to wonder if Pacquiao could really knock down Marquez.

The people on the lower row seemed happy when Pacquiao landed combinations on Marquez but the people on the upper level shows otherwise.

This little girl on the other hand seemed to be confused why she’s here.

Mixed reactions as the fight nears end.

Then it’s winning time for Manny Pacquiao while this kid thinks he won too as he collected a lot of plastic bottles that will be good as dinner for tonight.

[Images were taken November 13, 2011 – Bacolod BAYS Center]

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  1. It’s a business opportune time for everyone as pound-for-pound boxer celeb Manny Pacquiao did his routine job yesterday. At least everyone won in any means. Another thing for sure, as Manny got away with a win fighting Mexican boxer Marquez in a canvas, my fave lens man Owen did it away with the diverse reactions of boxing enthusiasts of Bacolod with his obedient lens.

  2. Thank you so much sir Gil and by the way congratulations 2 of your blogs won recently!


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