Majica MassKara continues to attract people at the New Government Center

The Dreamer Floating Carousel continues to draw crowd at the New Government Center.   The newest addition to the recently concluded MassKara Festival are 3D sculptured boats floating at the fountain area of the NGC.

No Charter Day Parade on October 19

There will be no Charter Day Parade on October 19 since the Charter Day was moved to the 1938’s Congressional Archives stating that it is June 18, 1938…

Mayor Bing Leonardia says the Banwahanon Award and the Search for the Outstanding Government  Employees will be given on June 18 as well.

October 1-19 will only be MassKara Festival activities only.

MassKara Queen Beauty Pageant winners of 2008…

[Images were taken October 19, 2008 during the Charter Day Celebration]


MassKara Festival Street Scenes [001]

A drizzling afternoon didn’t stop me and a fellow blogger to take photos of the City streets near the Bacolod Public Plaza earlier today…

MassKara 2011 souvenir items are being sold by vendors in front of the San Sebastian Cathedral…

[Images are taken October 11, 2011]

Welcome to my newest blog Site!

Adding up to my web chores, here’s another blog which will contain my work and daily lives of people I meet on the streets.  Again, welcome!