Pasalamat Festival 2012 – Faces and Vivid colors…

After 2 years I was able to go back to La Carlota City to shoot the Pasalamat Festival – This year I randomly picked faces among the street dancers and took portraits of them… Enjoy the rest of the set!

High Speed Dirt at NGC

Motocross action at the New Government Center Nov. 25-26, 2011.  Boboy Fernandez of Team Pacquiao also has his team that will see action tomorrow.

[Images taken November 26, 2011 – New Government Center – Bacolod City]

Manny Pacquiao gets away with a win!

The people of Bacolod City took time off to watch and cheer on the country’s boxing pride Manny Pacquaio at the Bacolod BAYS Center earlier today.

City Officials came to watch and cheer on Bacolod’s adopted son.

Vendors get extra income with an event that gathered thousands in attendance.

The first five rounds made the crowd to wonder if Pacquiao could really knock down Marquez.

The people on the lower row seemed happy when Pacquiao landed combinations on Marquez but the people on the upper level shows otherwise.

This little girl on the other hand seemed to be confused why she’s here.

Mixed reactions as the fight nears end.

Then it’s winning time for Manny Pacquiao while this kid thinks he won too as he collected a lot of plastic bottles that will be good as dinner for tonight.

[Images were taken November 13, 2011 – Bacolod BAYS Center]

A Sunday afternoon at the Plaza

10 Images that gives you a glimpse of life at the Bacolod Public Plaza…

Faded Glory – one of the fountain areas at the Plaza which used to be the attraction of the place since then.

I could still recall having a photo at this spot when I was a kid.

A CONFLICTING SIGN – While it is said by the first sign that people should avoid washing their feet and and plates at the drinking fountain – the attached sign says otherwise.

Photography and the technological advances of the times also limit the chances of Plaza Photographers to earn a living at the Plaza nowadays.

Erning Sajo has been photographing people at the Plaza since the 80’s – during the advent of the Digital Era his income turned low due to the increase of digital camera ownership – but he is still hopeful that his client would pass by the Plaza and have their photos taken by him.

Under the shade of this old tree are checker players that spend their time at the park playing.

The light that passes through the leaves of the tree illuminates the playing board for the players.

And who would have thought that there is a one month old baby named Joemarie at this makeshift crib.

Lucky Joemarie lives with his mother at the Plaza by the day and sleeps in front of Amar Emporium at night time.

[The complied images were taken November 6, 2011 in a Photowalk of  myshutterlife]

How the people in Bacolod remember the dead [Undas 2011]

30 Photos on 3 locations – my way of  illustrating how the people of Bacolod City remembers the dead on November 1, 2011.

Libertad Market

The Bacolod Public Plaza

Burgos Public Cemetery

[Images taken October 31, 2011]

Majica MassKara continues to attract people at the New Government Center

The Dreamer Floating Carousel continues to draw crowd at the New Government Center.   The newest addition to the recently concluded MassKara Festival are 3D sculptured boats floating at the fountain area of the NGC.

MassKara Queen 2011 Pageant Night

MassKara Queen 2011 Candidates – Festival Costume

MassKara Queen 2011 Candidates – Swimsuit Competition

MassKara Queen 2011 Candidates – Long Gown

[Images taken October 17 2011]

MassKara Dance Competition [001]

Photographs taken along Singcang Street before the Street Dance Competition kicked off earlier today…

[Images taken October 16, 2011]

Cool Off at the Tourism Strip! Go to Scoops!

The MassKara Tourism Strip opens today from Development Bank of the Philippines up to  Cafe Bobs, Lacson Street…

Scoops is located – 15th Street beside L’Fisher Hotel.

Sure fun and good food in a cozy place that you and your family will surely enjoy…

[Images at Scoops were also taken by Owen Segovia Bayog]

No Charter Day Parade on October 19

There will be no Charter Day Parade on October 19 since the Charter Day was moved to the 1938’s Congressional Archives stating that it is June 18, 1938…

Mayor Bing Leonardia says the Banwahanon Award and the Search for the Outstanding Government  Employees will be given on June 18 as well.

October 1-19 will only be MassKara Festival activities only.

MassKara Queen Beauty Pageant winners of 2008…

[Images were taken October 19, 2008 during the Charter Day Celebration]