Majica MassKara continues to attract people at the New Government Center

The Dreamer Floating Carousel continues to draw crowd at the New Government Center.   The newest addition to the recently concluded MassKara Festival are 3D sculptured boats floating at the fountain area of the NGC.

MassKara Queen 2011 Pageant Night

MassKara Queen 2011 Candidates – Festival Costume

MassKara Queen 2011 Candidates – Swimsuit Competition

MassKara Queen 2011 Candidates – Long Gown

[Images taken October 17 2011]

MassKara Dance Competition [001]

Photographs taken along Singcang Street before the Street Dance Competition kicked off earlier today…

[Images taken October 16, 2011]

No Charter Day Parade on October 19

There will be no Charter Day Parade on October 19 since the Charter Day was moved to the 1938’s Congressional Archives stating that it is June 18, 1938…

Mayor Bing Leonardia says the Banwahanon Award and the Search for the Outstanding Government  Employees will be given on June 18 as well.

October 1-19 will only be MassKara Festival activities only.

MassKara Queen Beauty Pageant winners of 2008…

[Images were taken October 19, 2008 during the Charter Day Celebration]


MassKara Festival Street Scenes [002]

A photo gallery and continuation of a previous post…Enjoy the MassKara Festival everyone! Celebrate the good life!

[Images taken October 11, 2011]

Puppet MassKara 2011

The ARFIEN Department of La Consolacion College who had been known for creativity and innovation launched the Puppet MassKara 2011.  50 12 feet tall puppets will join this year’s festivity as a guest performer during the street dance competition.

MassKara Festival Director Eli Tajanlangit says the LCC community has never failed to amaze the people of Bacolod in terms of creativity as the festival moves on to a much higher level as the years go by.

Vice Mayor Jude Thaddeus Sayson lauded the efforts of the LCC Community in contributing a new concept for the festival and would surely be loved by children during the parade.

The said MassKara Puppets will be dancing from the Capitol Lagoon up to the Bacolod Public Plaza on October 14.  A puppet dance showdown will also be staged at the plaza and will be joining the Electric MassKara by sundown.

The Bacolod school of Architecture, Fine Arts and Interior Design presented 10 out of 50 puppets during the press launch at the New Government Center yesterday.  Sr. Myrna Conception OSA, LCC President invited the people to witness the unique MassKara Puppets during the highlights of the festivity.

[Images were taken October 3, 2011 – New Government Center – Bacolod City]

MassKara Festival 2011!

The world renowned MassKara Festival 2011 opened yesterday at the Bacolod Public Plaza – The nerve center of the festivity and was witnessed by the people who joined the City Officials in the countdown and watched the fireworks display.

Hundreds gathered at the Plaza…

The Bacolod Band Stand was lighted up with vivid colors…
People from all walks of life came to celebrate the good life…
Welcome to Bacolod City! Home of the MassKara Festival!